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I usually find miself agreeing with pretty much everything Kimonas says but not this time. Whilst im sure the reasearch backs his statement up, my kids went to a school where they were the only English and after 5 months could only say 10 greek words and were totally ignored by staff and pupils alike. They love learning and were very excited about learning greek but this has made them almost scared of all things greek.

We recently visited Oroklini primary school and they had the extra resources etc to take on foriegn kids. I get the feeling the education system will ignore the non-greek kids until a point where they can no longer be ignored and then tackle the issue. Also i think the English forming gangs in local schools is more then likely due to them being ignored en-mass and then forming their own coping mechanism... a reaction rather than a concious segregation.

I came with the full intension of integration and didnt even think about private schools. Sadly though Cyprus isnt quite as good as other Eu countries at dealing with English kids.

Please let us know how it goes!!

I have asked on this forum for somone to reconmend / vouch for a school that is good with expat kids and i have never had a responce.. I get the feeling they either don't exist or that most people on here don't have kids.. Or that this forum is infected with some kind of generalisation virus where nobody will give specifics.
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