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Originally Posted by akmacca View Post
Insights, opinions and/or advice would be appreciated.

I am an Australian citizen whilst my partner is a Canadian citizen. At this stage I think we have the visa issue worked out as there are several options available to us. We are planning to move from Canada to NZ at the end of the school year, probably around July August 2010.

Our two biggest issues are where to find work and where shall we live. We both realise that Auckland and to a lesser extent Wellington offer the best paid jobs and opportunities.

But we do not want to swap being stuck in traffic and commuting to work in Canada to doing the same thing in NZ. Ideally we would like to live on a parcel of land, near the water or mountains. A lifestyle we probably can't afford in Auckland.

I am keen on Dunedin or Invercargill and perhaps Christchurch. There are some lovely houses in those localities at a reasonable cost.

My partner is s senior HR executive and her career will take precedence.

Any suggestions where to live in NZ, including the less expensive suburbs in Auckland would be greatly appreciated.
You sound like you're looking for exactly the same as we were were - wanting to live somewhere close to well paid work, bit of land, nice views, reasonable cost, good climate, great schools. We couldn't find anything that matched that in our price bracket. We would have needed well over a million dollars and even then still be faced with a tiresome commute to both schools and work.

Eventually we found what we were looking for. Unfortunately it wasn't in New Zealand but in Australia.
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