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Default How impossible is it to get a job before moving?

Now that our visa process is underway (though still at the beginning), I slowly have to start thinking about getting a job from Australia. If everything goes well, we'll be there in a year so I'm not about to start sending out applications quite yet, but I was wondering:

1) I assume it's of no use to even apply for anything before the visa is granted. Would this be correct?

2) Is it realistic to even try to get a job while still abroad? Or during a 1-2 month survey trip?

3) I see the R-word (talks about the possibility of an imminent recession) has reached the Australian newspapers lately, too, so how tough would you predict the job market (ICT in Victoria, to be more specific) will get in a years time? A nice and easy question, I know

As said, I'm in ICT with Victoria sponsorship so supposedly my occupation is in demand.. but I'd of course like to avoid the situation of shipping out with no idea of a job waiting.