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Question Spouse Visa - Help/Review Needed


I am preparing my wifes Spouse Visa Application, and hope to submit the online application by 4th July 2014. My Wife lives in Pakistan and i am a British Citizen living in the UK. We got married in April 2014 and she intends to live with me at my parents house in the UK. I am fully employed and earn above the GBP 18,600 requirement

I have some questions regarding the application/process which im hoping folks on the forum can help answer:

1. Cover letters - Are they REQUIRED from both the applicant and sponsor?

2. As this is a spouse visa application, do i refer to myself as spouse or sponsor when writing cover letters etc?

3. As the application will be ready and all documents will be with my wife by the time of the biometric appointment, can she submit everything on that day?

4. Will she have to pay anything extra on the day to submit the application with the supporting documents, or would that fee be covered when i pay online during submission of the online application?

5. Does the 28 day rule apply from date of submission of the online application, as well as the "processing time"? IE, is it within 90 days from date of online submission or from when the UKBA receive all documents?

6. Can the application be printed double-sided?

7. I pay for our home phone bill - will this count as a "Utility Bill" to prove I live with my parents at the house my wife and I intend to live at?

8. Do they require evidence of communication before/after marriage or just after? I have viber & Tango call log screenshots (before and after marriage), as well as call logs from phone calls made using a "Telesave Home Account" - as this is not a 'bill', should i mention that they can verify this by contacting Telesave themselves or should i expect them to use their initiative?

9. Regarding the communication between us, I have included screenshots from my phone and calls made from my Telesave phone account to her - is that sufficient and will it be accepted? Also trying to get a home bill from her of when she calls me (will it be required?)

10. How should wedding/honeymoon pictures be presented? printed at home or developed? Should each be labelled and dated? Printing on photo-paper would be easier i guess to keep on A4. If developed i guess they could be slipped in an A4 sized wallet/album?

11. How many pictures are considered to be OK? I have:
- 117 first wedding function pics
- 38 second wedding function pics (most have group photos with families)
- 10 pics of other time spent together during Pakistan visit
- 27 Honeymoon pics

12. How many copies of documents are required to be included with the application - 1 or 2? Does the application copy need to be sent as well, or does that just refer to supporting documents?

Proposed Application Checklist:
I have made a checklist of what i intend to include as part of the application; it will be organised in the same order, comprising of 7 sections. Would appreciate feedback on the below!

1. Main
Sponsor Cover Letter
Applicant Cover Letter
Printed & Signed copy of Online Form
VAF4A: Personal Details Form
APPENDIX 2: Financial Requirements Form

2. Applicant Evidence
Passport sized photos (x4)
Biometric Information
National Identity (NADRA) Card
TB Medical Certificate
Proposed Flight Itinerary

3. English Language Requirement Evidence
Applicant IELTS Certificate + Results Statement

4. Sponsor Evidence
SU07/12 form
Attested Passport Copy
Official home phone bill proving I reside at parents house

5. Accommodation Requirement Evidence
Property Inspection Report
Letter from parents giving permission of residence
Property Title Deeds from Land Registry
Parents Passport copies

6. Financial Requirement Evidence
6 month Pay Slips & Letter confirming authenticity
Employment Letter & Contract
6 month Bank Statements
Latest P60

7. Genuine & Subsisting Relationship Evidence
Attested Marriage Certificate
Visa entry/exit stamps from visits to Pakistan
Telesave Phone Records of calls made by Sponsor
Phone Records of calls made by Applicant [is this even needed??]
Viber (Voice) call history screenshots between us
Tango (Video) call history screenshots between us
Photos of Wedding Ceremony
Photos of other time spent in Pakistan [is this even needed??]
Visa Stamps/Hotel booking for Honeymoon
Photos of Honeymoon

Thanks in advance!!