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Originally Posted by Gene and Viol View Post
Hi and welcome to the site,

Driving here is nothing less than insanity on wheels! However, I should also state that there are many of us expats that manage to get by with little or no problems.
If you live in a gated subdivision owning a car or van is not bad as you have a protected area to park at night. Other areas would be a bit risky for car theft and kids scratching or marking it up.

Since you are from Australia, perhaps you know Rod Hegerty, owner of the Swagman Hotel in Manila and Broadwater Marine.
He's been living in and driving all over the Philippines for more years than you could imagine. He has had very few problems and still going strong.
So it may just depend on the person and also a little bit of luck too.

thank you i have not had the pleasure of meeting rod i have heard of the swagman it had been mentioned to me by several people it is i beleive in central manila and in a very good location close to the bus depots i was pointed to go the by the now philippine consulate representative in victoria australia gigig to get my visa extentions
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