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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

"Helping" Philippine Traffic Police "help" me by warning me instead of issuing me a citation or any type of ticket is 10 times cheaper than the huge fees charged in the States like U$85 for a minute late on a parking meter in NYC or a U$25 parking ticket in front of our daughter's high school sponsored flea market in Fairfield CT or a speeding ticket in my hometown Des Moines Iowa or a DUI anywhere in the USA. Driving in the Philippines is nearly citation FREE not like the "police state" we call "home" or where we Americans grew up. There are much LESS serious car accidents here in the Philippines compared to the States; spend 15 minutes searching for the stats on how many Americans die or are seriously injured per capita compared to the same Stats here in the RP!!! Should a fatality occur the cost of life benefit liability for a driver here in RP is only a small fraction of the financial liability and life interruption situation a driver faces in the States. The FACTS say it all.

Originally Posted by Gene and Viol View Post
Sorry Bill, I have to disagree. If someone wants to live dangerously and enjoys walking on that "wild side" its ok to drive here-provided they know what they are getting into.
But for someone to come here and try driving and assume that Filipinos (especially the national police) play by the rules would be extremely foolish, dangerous, and could end up being extremely costly in the end.
For the average traveler and most residents its better, easier, and safer to stick to public transportation.

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