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Originally Posted by Squirrel14# View Post
Hi Jaime and Ellie,

Thank you for your lengthy reply on why I would want to move to Italy.

First of all, I really love Europe and my career here has taken a major downfall. I was laid off and I'm at the age where a permanent job is hard to find and healthcare is very expensive. Texas is way too hot!!!! If you want a hot state, think about moving here this is one of them! On the plus side, I can do two things: possibly be a dual citizen, (my grandfather is Sicilian and I am working to find out when he was naturalized) or I would probably qualify for elective residency. In that respect, I realize I am very fortunate.

Really consider moving to Texas. Austin in particular. I don't know what your service is, but people like to buy local here if they can. Of course, they love Amazon too. Austin has one of the lowest unemployment rates (outside of Houston and Dallas). The average income of people in Texas is higher than in Florida (with the exception of Miami and a few other places). In Texas the people are friendly and from all over the world. The internet is fast and unlimited. I will be honest with you as well of the pluses and minuses if you happen to have any questions on Texas or the U.S. There are hills, canyons and lots of things to do, every weekend.

I do not speak Italian, yet. I do realize I will need to and I am not planning an immediate move - probably 3-4 years down the line. I want lots of time to learn about it, visit Italy and really think totally about what moving to Italy. I hope to visit Le Marche next summer - it is probably one of the few places in Italy we could afford to rent.

I did not realize that the banks tax you whether you use your Visa card or not. I did not realize that they have laws for the laws they already have!! I also did not know what they are still in a deep recession (I should have). I do know the Government tends to be corrupt. You are saying you are taxed 22% on almost everything you buy?? I assume groceries are excluded. I thought 8.5% was a lot where I live.

I do know Italians are fast drivers. We (my boyfriend and I) hope to live in a village where I don't have to drive a lot. I'm hoping that if I can be a citizen, it will make it easier for him to come. His employment situation is much more stable than mine, as he has a Mariner's license now and is an Amazon and Ebay Reseller.

I will look at the website you gave me, thanks so much!

I love fresh produce and Italian food. I also love the culture there and fashion. It is such a beautiful country.

Please do let us know how you get on with your new adventure.
Thanks for your info about Texas Rebecca, Ellie and I were alsolooking at Phoenix Arizona too.

Our business is gelato artigianale (Italian hand made special ice cream), coffee and and hand made chocolate products we make in our shop, so this is the main reason we are looking for a hot destination as well as better quality of life to live.

best regards
Jamie xx
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