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Originally Posted by Squirrel14# View Post
Hi, I'm Rebecca from the US, myself and my long term boyfriend, Chip, would like to move to Italy to retire. We are looking at Le Marche at this time and would love to meet people living there when we come to visit. I also would like to provide info to people moving to the US. My grandfather is from Catabalata, Sicily. This is an awesome Forum, I am impressed. I would especially like to know if Le Marche is an affordable place to live $40,000-$50,000 ($28,904 Euros) for 2 as it is claimed to be in the US. Thanks
Hi Squirrel, I am Jamie and I've lived in Italy for 17 years and originally from the UK.

Firstly do you speak Italian? If not,you will have a major hurdle to get over.

You will need to obtain a permesso di sogiorno (Permission to stay in Italy) and you would need to get this from the Questura when you arrive. You will need a visa also to visit Italy initially if you do not come from a European Union member state.

Italy is still in deep recession and the political situation here is unstable and corrupt. I am married to an Italian girl and we want to leave and set up our business elsewhere, we are actually looking at Florida, Panama, Spain, Australia they have to be hot countries for our business.

In Italy they have made laws for the laws they already have!! This will give you an indication to the bureacracy here and, if you go into any public run establishment, be prepared to wait a long time in a queue as the civil servants don't move fast.

It is expensive to live in Italy, IVA is the value added tax on things you buy and is at the moment set at 22% for most goods and services, in the UK it is 20%. You will be taxed on your savings in the bank as well as on the interest your savings make.(They get you every way they can). You will pay a bank for a credit/debit card and each time you use it at a cash dispenser at another bank, you will also pay if you don't use it even.

Housing is expensive, but checkout this website to give you a rough idea about cost ofliving here in Italy. Cost of Living in Italy. Prices in Italy.

Driving in Italy can be traumatic at times as for Italians a red light is just an option for them and you will see many going through, especially scooters but cars also. This isn'ttoo bad in rural places, but in major cities you need eyes in the backof your head. The rules of the road are thrown in the bin here.

OK those were some of the negatives. The positives are that Italy is a beautiful country with a culture that when you have gotu sed to it, is good. People are generally friendly and helpful, but you get bad apples in every country so you just have to be street wise and careful.

The food is excellent, fresh produce and we have the mediterranean balanced diet which doctors recommend as the best diet for good health.

The history of Italy is of course famous due to the Romans but it is also the art, design and fashion centre of the world in Milan.

The further south of Italy you go there is a lot more unemployment than in the North and it is a slower pace of life in the South, hotter too.

I used to travel all over Italy with my work and Abruzzo is lovely as are most places in Italy all with different dialects and food recipes.

If you have any specific questions you would like to know then just ask and I will truthfully tell you .

What makes you want to retire to Italy from Texas?
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