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Originally Posted by FlowerFairy5457 View Post
Thanks folks
I am sitting here devastated. After all the months and months of investigations re buying, health cover, driving licence, etc etc, we are in the process of applying to renew our British Passports (have Australian ones) as it appears easier to buy property, reside etc as British Citizens rather than have to go through the Elective Residence Visa (which we can do but more red tape), have even started learning Italian.....the hunting issue was percolating at the back of my mind but I was so busy sorting out the logistics of moving to Italy I ignored it. I will certainly follow through on the possibility of buying in or near the national park (I prefer bears and wolves for neighbours rather than hunters). I had started thinking of the Chieti area, not sure how that fits in but I will investigate. All the beauty of the Italian way of life to be marred with such barbarity! Have even been in contact with people with property to sell. To say I am devastated is an understatement.
Yes def keep your british passport and driving licence as it is a peace of cake to change an English licence to an Italian one , without a driving test as they are done in Italian and involve lots of righting
and also with an English passport you can be aresident and buy houses and cars very easy and its easy to get residence , if you have a british passport worth its weight in gold
as for the Chieti region that's wrere I live but chieti is the largest region in abruzzo and you need to be near the town of chieti as we are and the national park is obove cheiti town as we are 25 mins away and no hunting if you need more specivic details ill send you my email address we have been living in Pretoro 11 years and know our way about some
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