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Originally Posted by Mazzie View Post

Doctor's - You will pay for every visit to the Doctor, it ranges between $40 & $60 per visit, depending on which Doctor you get. That's if you can get a Dr., to regsiter with, as there is a definite shortage. The health system is like it was in the UK about 30 years ago, it SUCKS! If you are on expensive medication they have to apply for a special number from the government so you can get the medication and if they say no, then you either can't have it, or you will need to pay full price for it.
Some parts of the country do have a shortage that's true, I think the rural areas probably have the most problems because of their low population and remoteness. I never had a problem getting to see a GP and only had to wait a couple of days at the most. You do hear some horror stories though Beneficiary must wait weeks to see GP | If access to good quality medical care is important to you it's probably a good idea to bear that in mind when you're looking at locations in which to settle.
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