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Originally Posted by TallyHo View Post
One should always negotiate, but in your case I don't think you'll be able to negotiate up to a livable package.

The issue is that it's a media company, a locally owned media company, and odds are it's dominated by people from Lebanon or elsewhere in the Middle East where the offer made to you is a fortune.

Companies in Dubai vary enormously in packages offered and it's largely because of the types of companies we have here, which run from western owned multinationals to small locally owned two-man outfits in a free zone. The multinationals and the big local monopolies can pay very well, the locally owned small companies, less so, and are often more likely than not to stiff you on agreed benefits. Incomes also vary wildly for the same roles and is often dependent on your nationality.

If I had a family with children I would never move here to to head a small locally owned company that I didn't own, especially on the package offer you received, unless I knew the company intimately and was very comfortable with the current team and owners. Otherwise it's way too risky as there's little in the way of employee rights. One bad quarter, you could be out on your ears and yet you've uprooted your family and moved all the way from Canada. You'd be surprised at how many people leave Dubai with less money than they'd arrived with.

You may be from Canada but this is the wild, wild west!
Thanks for the reply. Appreciated. The company, I cannot say due to confidentiality, but it is a medium sized (est. 200 people), and not 'agency' side, but it is an online company. Your points make sense, and will definately negotiate, but more curious about the business culture too if its a truly expected part of the song and dance to negotiate, especially as someone mentioned to me everything in Dubai you have to negotiate.
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