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Originally Posted by Bevdeforges View Post
You're right that it's cultural, but I attribute it more to the "pigeonhole" mentality when it comes to jobs and careers. Teachers are paid to teach - the national curriculum, not manners and social interaction, nor to "babysit" the kids at recess or lunchtime.
My kids' school has an Anglophone section and we had a parent meeting Monday night. The topic of bullying came up. I loved the one woman's explanation about how until recently, bullying didn't even exist in French schools - there simply wasn't a name for it, so therefore it didn't exist. If you had a problem with another student's behavior, you had to go to the mairie to report it because it was a civility issue. It wasn't actually a *school problem* because it had nothing to do with the teaching/learning that was going on. (Although bullying can most certainly interfere with the ability to learn.)

One of the reasons this came up is because next week all classes are getting a program on the dangers of the internet. It's a trickle-down piece from the collège which has had some serious incidences of cyber bullying that have actually merited intervention from the school. As someone pointed out, cyberbulling leaves evidence that you can print out. They couldn't deny it wasn't happening. What was surprising was that they decided there would be discipline as a result.

I am hopeful, albeit only a teeny-tiny bit optimistic, that this is the start of some awareness of the problems with bullying at the school.

And to the person who has the classmate known as the kicker - I heard a few years back at our school there was a kid who was a biter. After lots of practice he on students he bit a teacher and that got him kicked out. Maybe the kicker at your kid's school will be so ingrained to lash out by kicking that he'll make the same mistake.