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Default Lax attitude to 'bullying' in French primary school

Originally Posted by frogblogger View Post
Well put, that sums up my experience of schools my kids have attended in different areas of France.
Picking up on the sub-topic, the comments about the real risks being from other pupils and the lax response of the school staff: We are seeing the same thing. Our 4-year old has been at school here since Sept. last year. He has done really well at grasping the language and is a quiet and studious child. On occasions he has come home talking about being kicked or pushed. Occasionally he has had bruises, but all children get those themselves. I drop him at school and pick him up each evening. He is very popular with all the children in his class - however the same name keeps coming up as the culprit! I have spoken with other parents, both French and ex-pat (not many of us) and the same name occurs. He is even known locally as '***** the kicker'. I have seen this myself and had to intervene and distract the child. The staff just ignored it.

Our 3-year old starts at this year's reentree and I heard our son telling her that if '*****' comes towards her, she is to run away and he will chase him away! This is a very strange attitude from the school - to let the very young children manage this.

I guess it is cultural. Is this the trade-off for a class of 16 children with 2 teachers here in France versus the UK with 30+ children and a harassed over-worked teacher but a process to detect and address bullying?

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