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Default driving to queretaro. questions for border

some of you may remember me from a few months ago asking about the social culture of Queretaro.

well its official, we're going, so i have a few new questions (I'm going to ask the consulant too but i wanted to hear personal answers too):

we wanted to drive down from Idaho to Que. I dont mean to sound paranoid or xenophobic but are there areas along the Mexico/Texas line that would not be safe to cross? i'm bringing my cat and i read earlier today something about obtaining permission for her to enter into the country (in addition to Vet papers), i would appreciate it if someone could elaborate on that, permission from whom?

what do i do with my laptop at the border? i mean are border patrol going to want to see whats on it

one last one for now, does anyone know where i can find a directory of English speaking businesses down there (businesses such as a vet's office, a hair salon, and a humane society. i'd like to volunteer on my spare time)? Businesses here (pacific northwest usa) often have signs or advertsiements usually reading "Hablamos Espanol!"