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Originally Posted by saraswat View Post
So getting away from the whole currency debate. Here are the facts as I see them:

Car, housing, medical, schooling (when applicable), cell are all provided for by the company. It would be safe to assume that provision of a car also includes the accompanying fuel costs.

Now apart from all these expenses, which by the way constitute the bulk of anyone's living expenses out here, you would be getting USD 6000, which is about 22K AED (give or take).

Please know that the wage, on top of everything being taken care of, is more than enough to enjoy a decent to luxurious (I say luxurious rather hesitantly as in Dubai luxury takes on a completely different meaning ...) living here.

Add to this the fact that at the moment you are just a couple so no extra spend on children, and more importantly the company offering the position is Emirates. Who just happen to be one of the most stable and progressive (in terms of management practices etc), organizations/employers in this part of the world.

Summarizing the above, take the job and move here...

p.s: the above is obviously written with the assumption that the 6K USD is being given apart from everything you said is included, your post doesn't unequivocally state this, so not 100% sure on that..
The $6k includes housing and utilities. Car, fuel, cell, medical, schooling when needed is over and above. My big concern is what would a 2bed townhouse cost to rent, have a colleague that has suggested out of town location. Takes him abt 20 minutes to drive in to downtown office.
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