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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in philippines.

The wife and I have decided on the Philippines.

This is our best course as she is PI.

So now we are working on our US exit plan. I am selling our assets between now and April. I fly down in February to look around. We are looking at Subic & Cebu. I like Subic a little better so far due to the port.

Sometime by August we will do the move to PI. We will rent for a year and get a feel for things. Looks like they have some nice condos with views over the bay readily available.

We have some questions on our exit plan that we are hoping to get some help with. Here goes:

1. We are getting rid of everything we have in the US. We will take 2 weeks of clothes and just replace everything upon arrival. Is there anything, her or I, should bring in clothes that we should bring over buying local? We are packing shorts & light shirts, sandals, and sneakers. Getting rid of all my Colorado winter coats unless any of you guys needs a good winter snow coat. Lol

2. When you guys left did you get there and say, "damn, i wish i would have brought..."

3. We plan to each take 1 laptop and 1 ipad each. Just fine?

4. Is there anything we should stock up on and bring?

5. How should we do our banking? We are thinking keep our US accounts and maybe open a local account when we arrive. How did you guys deal with it? Is there a BOA? A chase? Or other american bank there?

6. Is it important to keep a US address? We will probably sell our house. What did you do?

7. I will get my immigration stuff done in the states prior to heading that way.

8. Any advice? Anything we might be missing? Anything else we should consider?

I hope everyone is safe and doing good through the storm!

Thanks in advance!!!

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