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Question Relocate to PH - questions here


An american here. I met my filipino wife in the US while she was there on a work visa. She left the PH 16 years ago with an international company and has lived around the globe (and hasnt been back to PH since). We are now thinking of making our home overseas. She will have both her US and PH passports.
We are looking at Thailand and the Philippines. Thailand, while difficult to retire to, until age 50...the PH would be quite easy for us due to her having citizenship in PH.
If we do PH we would be near her family and have much less obstacles to buy land/house, etc.
I dont want to retire (i am only 44). I would like to open a business; maybe import stuff for a US type store - food, clothing, etc from the US. (Our friend owns an international freight forwarding company - let me know if you need stuff shipped door to door - our friend is great and she is PH). I am very interested in starting an expat relocation service. Maybe open a bar, a bowling alley, rent out jet skis, do something. Her family is from Zamboanga City and I am white so we wont be living there you understand.

But i have questions that i hope someone can answer.

1. Should i get my PH passport / citizenship? Benefits? Drawbacks? I do not want to give up my US citizenship or passport. Will this help with doing business etc?

2. How do US taxes work for an expat? I am bringing a nest egg of money; how does the US tax system effect me there? I assume I will need to pay xx percent on newly generated money only and not on my egg nest that was already taxed? (I have no investments, retirement money, etc. i have an nest egg of xxxxxx us dollars.)

3. Obamacare...will it effect us as expats?

4. You are there. Are you happy? Did you make the right decision? Why do you say that?

5. What do you wish you would have brought with you but did not? What do you miss?

6. Do you think a well stocked store full of american (Joe) products would work? Would you travel a little to get american clothes? A philly cheesesteak? Some Wisconsin cheese? A real maytag washing machine? A pair of size 13 Nikes? A place where you can request what is stocked. Enough expat demand?

7. Would opening an American (a Joe themed) bar be successful? Walk in and there are pics of NYC, Boston, a broncos shirt on the wall, etc. Bars always seem risky.

8. My wife loves the idea of a bowling alley that would also have video games, karaoke, and other things fond to the PH people. Bad idea?

9. Is there a large enough demand for door to door shipping worldwide for expats?

10. I assume i could get directTv and get the baseball package? Lol sorry have to ask

11. What do you think will help me be successful in all this? PHP will not be an issue for us.

12. Where is there a high concentration of expats living in PH?

13. With the electricity issues (brown outs n power losses) is it worth having a generator system and a water filtration system put on the house? Or if we buy a high rise condo do they suffer from power n water issues too?

Well i think that is it for questions.

Thailand seems like too much work for me considering i am already married to a PH.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks and hope for some thoughts here.

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