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Originally Posted by Johnny B View Post
Where ever you may live or work, the MRT train system will keep you connected with Makati and Quezon(perhaps Cubao would be best in Quezon). Transit time is about 20 mins. Beats a bus or jeepney(which are great for short trips!)
I'd disagree with that. The MRT at peak times is a nightmare and you can spend an hour or more waiting just for your turn to get on the train. If you are working then these are the times you use the MRT. In the middle of the day it's fine, unfortunately then the OP will be at work.

The secret to enjoying life in Manila is to minimize the commute. Given the state of traffic and public transport, especially when it rains, living within walking or biking distance is paramount if you don't have your own car and driver.

Quezon has some of the best restaurants and funky bars in Manila, so there is no problem at all being based out there if your work is there (depends a little as to where in Quezon as it is a big place).

For the record I live and work in the middle of this dirty great city and thoroughly enjoy myself, partly as I spend very little time in traffic.
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