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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in uae.

AMMROC is garbage. What they have done is bring people in with an open ended contract. What most are thinking is that it's open so I don't have to worry about contract negotiations and can just keep working. What this in fact has done is give this company the ability to release you without cause. In other words, they can let you go for any reason they see fit, such as redundancy. If you look at the people they are keeping, other than the Americans, it's pretty sad. The locals are exempt and seem to be the majority of the problems. They can't have their probation extended and to fire one of them takes no less than 15 letters to management. This happened to a local in HR. Most locals refuse to follow the rules like wearing the proper shoes to work to also include coming to work on time and leaving work early. There are 2 HR Senior Supervisors on a base that work on average of 20 hours per week. There is a Senior Supervisor supervisor on the F-16 platform that hasn't had a job of responsibility in over a year but has no problem showing up to walk around in his yellow corvette. What's going to happen is that those that are hired in the future will accept lower pay and treatment or AMMROC will in fact be a low level company that has a bad reputation and even worse leadership. As an EXPAT, you have no protection when it comes to AMMROC and working for them.
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