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Originally Posted by Deepmanku View Post
Dear Mr Singh, Thank you for your ICT skills assessment which was received by the Australian Computer Society on 25 July 2013. Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code . Your qualification has been assessed as follows: Your Diploma in Computer Engineering from xxxxxxxxxx completed May 1998 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Diploma with a major in computing The following employment after March 2008 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code. Dates: 03/02 - 12/03 (1yrs 9mths) Position: NETWORKING ENGINEER Employer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Country: INDIA Dates: 12/03 - 07/13 (9yrs 7mths) Position: COMPUTER NETWORK AND SYSTEM ENGINEER Employer: xxxxxxxxxx Country: INDIA Please note that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship reserves the right to undertake further investigation regarding your skilled employment experience. While the ACS is authorised to assess ICT skills assessments, the final decision in awarding points remains with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. My question is how many n points i claim for experience , i and little bit confuse pls help...
Seems to me you can claim 11yrs 4 months of relevant experience so whichever selection is the nearest - 10 years and over OR 6 years and over ?
EOI submitted Jan 2010. ITA Jan 2010. ITA submitted Apr 2010. RV approved June 2011. Passports stickered and back to us Aug 2011. Secured job Dec 2011. Arrived Mar 2012. PRV Mar eligible for citizenship but at $1175 Yeah but Nah!!!
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