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Originally Posted by CanUSDaveK. View Post
Once again thanks for the info, in preparation for our move I have watched "My Life In Ruins" several They say there is always time for a coffee. I look forward to moving, hopefully I can sell the house in this market for not to great a loss and get underway.
Things to include foodwise: If you do any amount of baking you had better pack a lot of brown sugar, they don't have any here . . . drives me crazy. No cranberries either. Don't plan on eating too many muffins or other typically American baked goods. Really though, you can get most things you can in the US, you just won't have such a variety. There may just be one or two kinds of peanut butter . . . not 50. My husband, a Greek, buys Oreos every week so there is plenty of familiar food. The cereal selection is getting better but it is still limited compared to the US and a lot more expensive. That said, Greek food is really good and the diet is very healthy so jumping on board the eating habits here isn't a bad idea.

I talk to everyone at home using Skype which is the free internet calling service. I have been using it for 5 years and I couldn't calculate how much money it has saved me. Also, if you and your contact both have a webcam then you have video calling. I have watched my niece grow up over Skype. I can't recommend it enough.

I haven't heard about your cable box but that sounds interesting. They do show a lot of US tv shows over here . . not as many for children. Even though I don't have children yet I have been a school teacher for some years and kids tend to be pretty adaptable and because Greece is a European country . . . it's not like moving to some country where aspects of the culture could be unrecognizable and confusing to an outsider. I have never run into cultural misunderstandings here like I have in West Africa . . . it's pretty adaptable. The one thing to get ready for is that Greeks don't tend to sugarcoat things. They can be pretty blunt and direct, which can be a nice change but it can take a little time to get used to.
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