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Originally Posted by CanUSDaveK. View Post
Thanks for the info it has been useful in getting a baseline of knowledge. I really don't have to worry much about the paperwork and Visas as we will be going there under US government employment. I am still wondering about food and culture and the impact on a 7 year old. I know we can get adapters for electronic items but is it damaging to the electronics over time (TV's, computers, etc..).

I have been warned not to ship large vehicles from the U.S. as well. First the vehicles get quite damaged in shipping, secondly the roads are more narrow in Larissa and it is not only difficult to park but damage from other vehicles as well. Is this true?

Are there any restrictions on bringing pets, I have been told that you just need a Vets certificate of health which is current (within 10 days of departure), are there no Quarantines for animals in Greece?

The roads are much more narrow than in the US. Parking in the city center in Larisa can be aggravating to impossible. If I have to park downtown for any reason, I give myself an extra 20-25 minutes to find a place to park. On a good day, this is enough time. I really can't imagine how a normal sized SUV would do on the roads here.

I don't think adapters wear on the electronics. I have used one on my computer for years, both in Greece and in the UK. As for the pets, I have no idea.

As for the food, there are many options for eating out and there is never a supermarket very far. There are also a number of farmer's markets in different parts of town, on different days of the week. The produce is much, much better than in the stores and much less expensive so they are worth frequenting. Eating out all the time can be very expensive.
I have found the available cuisine to be much more limited in Larisa than to what you would find in the US. This isn't to say it isn't good, it is, but there aren't a lot of options outside of Greek food.

Culturally, I hope you like coffee and spending time in cafes.
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