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Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
Ah yes, know Folkestone and Broadstairs well....but you could also try further up on the commuter line - have you looked at Ashford/Maidstone etc heading up the M20 towards London - not only do you have motorway connections to London but those areas are well served by BR as well on the commuter line - especially with the high speed rail link taking off. Your price bracket should be no problem within those areas for what you are looking for. A good housing market site is Right Move dot co dot uk - gives current prices of properties as well as what they've sold for in previous years. You're still within those urban lifestyle areas as well - there's quite a bit going on - and the countryside/coastal areas are all within reasonable distances for a bit of R&R!! But yes, the Midlands area sounds good - I believe they've recently started rejuvenating large areas up there and they're becoming more and more attractive as locations to settle down in.

Hahahaha yes I know Right Move really well, as I spend nearly all day on it but Thanks for the advice. Given that I am used to London and Surrey prices, I kind of thought inland Kent would be the same, so I overlooked it. I`ve just looked at Maidstone, as its a city I know a bit and was surprised that prices there are nowhere near as high as I expected them to be. I`v not looked at Tonbridge but imagine that its more expensive though. Also do you know Gravesend and Gillingham as I see prices there are good as well but I`ve heard they are not very nice?