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Originally Posted by Phil_expat View Post
I do agree with Gene! A friend of mine that is still working (online) built a home for his family in Samar. Because of the extremely slow internet speed there his home is empty and he is living in Angeles. A lot faster internet speed but still slow compared to U.S. standards.
Here are my suggestions: visit here first. If you decide to move rent first before buying. Philippine family tends to arrive with no notice with bags in hand. I suggest living at least 2 hours away from family. Manila does have good hospitals but poor quality the rest of the Philippines. If you have any health issues I would suggest a few hours from Manila.
If you wife is a Philippine citizen (easy for her to regain if she gave it up), you can get a 13a visa. There are no extensions needed with 13a.
Thanks for info on 13a visa. Steve77
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