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Originally Posted by simply me View Post
Oh my. I hope not. I claimed my masters in Computer Science (USA) and PHd (uk) Plus my spouse's Bachleors in Engineering (UK) My two years in UK job My 7 years in Asia job ( this is the one I feared wasn't counted) My current university job in Dubai Both of our degrees and areas are in the absolute shortage list Im a University Professor. I'm just waiting. Could it be they may deduct as many as 30 points to put me at 130? Thanks
You can only claim for one qualification which will usually be the highest level achieved so in your case the PHd.
You can claim for your partners assuming the medium of her course was English as the partner must meet the English Language requirement as a principal applicant to claim partner points.
I doubt your experience in Asia will count as it is not a comparable labour market.
I doubt your experience in your current job will be counted as UAE not on the comparable labour market list.
Immigration may well deduct points ?
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