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Originally Posted by pac View Post
Need some input from the DIY guyz on this one...

Home electrical wiring.

Looks like single phase 110v on two legs (across makes 220v for phils appliances).

Each leg to ground is 110v.

Will it burn the house down if I rewire a couple plugs with 110v to ground?

and what is up with circuits? 20A should be 14ga, 30A 12ga. Anything goes?

short circuit pac
That is not a good idea especially for heavy loads like appliances. The ground was never intended to carry the return path (neutral in the US) current. Yes, your meter will show a completed circuit and yes if hooked up may work for a short time until the ground fails (fire?). Also remember voltage and amps are inverse to each other, ie. drop the voltage and amps increase. So changing a 220v outlet to a 110v all the load will be on 1 leg. Again this may be big trouble depending on the wire size.

I would never carry 20A on #14 wire, even briefly. Some documents may claim this but 20A is at 100% on #14 and this wire would run hot. 20A on #12, 15A on #14, 30A on #10 (Max values).
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