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Originally Posted by yakc130 View Post
This is pi**ing me off! Wife's grandma and a bunch of other family are there only about 2 blocks from the fighting.

Her cousins are on the PD and FD in Zambo City, and are not home now. Grandma can't really be moved, so they are stuck. More family was in Santa Catalina. Some were able to escape, but the same thing there. Elderly parents that can't evacuate without assistance, and no one is available to do it.

She talked to her aunt a little while ago. They are hearing lots of gunfire and explosions. They are safe for now, but who knows what will happen next. Her aunt said that Abu Sayyaf are in on it now, reinforcing the MNLF. Tanks were being brought in for the army.

According to one of the maps I saw yesterday, the hotel we stayed at by the docks last year is only about two blocks away from all this, as well. That's such a pretty area too with all the old Spanish architecture.

We're getting ready to head stateside in 24 hours so I can take some exams. She is so stressed out, and this isn't helping me, either. I just hope that they can end it soon.

Anyone know if we still have troops there supporting the army? I know the Marines always had a contingent "advising" there.
We (US) have a SpecOp Base there!

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