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Default The doctors surgery

Accompanying my friend to the doctors surgery this morning got me thinking how different they are here when comparing to those in the UK.

Now, we already know that we are in for a min of an hours wait which really annoyed me at first, like haven't I got better things to do than sit for x amount of time with all these sick people around me and wonder what I will come out with!?

Now, I must be acclimatising to the spanish way of life because I have accepted the din that they make. It's really noisy, so noisy that you can't hear your name being called when its your turn. When I think back in the UK everyone would be sat stiffly there and not say a word to anyone or if you did everyone else would hear your conversation coz it's so quiet!!

I have found that the spanish are like us when it comes to queueing in supermarkets etc and in the surgery they accept forgivingly that their turn will come, until someone tries to barge in out of turn then all hell breaks loose!!! Where we would sit and take it quietly they will mutter and groan in a way that we would like to but are too reserved to do it!!

I also find that nearly the whole family goes too making it seem as though there are loads of people in front of you before it's your turn and you think that it will never come

So, I decided today that I quite like going to the doctors surgery where it can be quite entertaining.

Do yother expats find the same??

Do I need to get a life??