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Originally Posted by elen View Post
there are many nice areas that you can look into. Apart from the well known big islands, I would advise you to consider the island of Evoia, because it is very close to Athens airport, it has a bridge that connects it to the mainland, a new road is currently under construction that will make access a lot easier, it is not very expensive, it has great beaches, it is full of trees, and it still has life during the winter. Basically you can enjoy all the facilities of Athens (hospitals, large shopping malls etc) within 1,5 hour distance without having to worry for a boat. Furthermore, I would advise you to look into the area of Peloponnese - especially the south. I suggest this for the same reasons, though take in consideration that this part of Greece is slightly more expensive because it is crowded withh foreigners who have discovered it 10 years ago and they have made the prices rise a lot... If you chose something in the mainland or connected to the mainland and in any case close to Athens, you do not have to worry if easyjet or any other company change their minds in the future and stop flights close to your home...If you choose to live in a village in Evoia, you can probably have all your basic needs (electricity, water, transport, modest house, telephone, food etc) without having to spend more than 1200 - 1300 Euros per month. But this always depends on
the kind of lifestyle each one of us has - I am sure people can get along with less (I can't imagine life without the internet and that costs for example), while others may need a lot more than that.
Hi elen, thanks for the info, certainly food for thought. The idea of island life while being close to the mainland sounds like the best of both worlds. Are your numbers for a single person or a couple? We enjoy the simple pleasures of life, plus a nice glass of red in the evening, so feel we can live quite cheaply. But even so your figure would push us close to our limit. As we would be relying on state pension plus moderate private income. Roughly how much would you estimate the rental on a 2 bed property on the island? Do you live on Evoia/Have you been there long? What would you say is the best and worst of your life in Greece in comparison to the UK? Sorry to ask so many questions, but for warned is forarmed as they say.

Cheers dorsetknob.
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