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Originally Posted by umbria View Post
Hi Nardini,
thanks for the useful information. However a few questions-
- What do you write in the dichiarazione of the autocertificazione?
- I have agreed to buy a car from a friend, what paperwork do I need to register it in my name ? What will ACI want?

any help is appreciated
thanks Helen
Hi Helen,

The auto declaration requires only that you give your name, address (in Italy, of course) and your codice fiscale. The document is normally prepared by the garage or dealership from which you are buying the car. In the case of buying a car from a friend, you will really need to pay a visit to a local notaio fro the correct procedures to be followed. ACI will not need to be contacted directly as your notaio will handle that particular part of the procedure.

This is where I mentioned earlier the situation here when buying a car privately and not through an authorised car dealer. A private individual still has to arrange the sale of his/her car through a lawyer in order to comply fully with the law.

Sorry about that.
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