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Default EE requires your help.

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Can anyone help us out. I have in Dubai for 2 months now. I am an electrical engineer and am working near Dubai Festival city and all seems pretty good however my wife and I are really struggling with getting some work for her!!

She works in the banking sector and was working with HBOS for 8 years before moving over here so she has sound knowledge in this field!

The problem is no one appears to be getting back in touch with her and the word on the street is the best way to get employment is by not what you know but who you know!!

So if anyone has any connections in the banking sector would be greatly appreciated!!

It would be highly appreciated if you find my other 2 posts and reply accordingly. My user ID is zahidatef. I hope you doing good in Dubai. Can you give some company names where to apply as well as if you could forward my resume. Thanks in advcnce for your time and help.