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Default Adequate Maintenance

Hi All

Hope you are keeping safe.

We are about to apply for ILR.

I have a few questions re meeting the adequate maintenance requirement. Hope someone can shed some light.

Partner gets carer’s allowance for looking after a parent.

We live with her parents free of charge in their owned home. And they don’t pay council tax.

My question is we don’t have any housing costs mentioned in the guidelines because we don’t pay mortgage, rent or council tax. Are there any other costs we need to consider?


67.25 - carer allowance
35 - child benefit
25.01 - child tax credit
287.50 - employment
414.76 TOTAL

Income Support
116.80 couple
68.27 child 1
68.27 child 2
17.60 family premium
270.94 TOTAL


414.76 - 0.00 = 414.76

Over the 270.94 so meet the requirement. If no other housing costs need to be included.

Finally one more question.
My basic gross pay is 16800. However I get overtime etc so my monthly pay varies each month. My question is how do I work out my monthly pay?

Is it correct I add up 6 months then divide by 6 and then divide by 4 to get the weekly pay as weekly is required. Can someone just clarify how I work out my pay?

Thank you
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