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Originally Posted by Yca_12 View Post
Hi guys,

I badly needed your advice. My EOI DOE is Feb 2020, 95pts on 189 and 100pts on 190 (NSW). My Grad visa 485 will expire on Sep this year. I claimed 5pts for my onshore work as an AP Officer. I received a negative assessment from CPA, then tried CA and still unsuccessful. I tried to appeal to CA but the result remained unchanged. I have asked them on what grounds did they found my occupation not comparable with the guidelines on Friday and, for now, waiting for their reply.

I found articles online that if the decision of the assessing body will give you lesser points from what you claimed in your EOI, immigration will do their own investigation and if you're lucky, will be awarded the points you need. The assessing bodies say that it is still the immigration who will award the points, but then again, they play a vital role in immigration's decision.

I'm torn on revising my EOI to not claim my work exp, but I believe in good faith that I meet the requirements of General Accountant. Can anyone enlighten me and hopefully advise on the reality of the process?

Is there someone here that received a favorable decision from Immigration after being neglected by the assessing body? Or did not have their occupation assessed and just let immigration took the course?

Thank you so much!!! Stay safe everyone!

Sorry, but I donít think you can claim accountant experience points as an AP officer as you need to meet at least 70-80% of the job/duty requirement of an accountant.
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