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Originally Posted by Salahmtc View Post
Dear Escapedtonz,

Thanks again for your reply.

Yes correct, i didn't need the 20 points of my partner but i need my partner to be with me without being spread.

Any idea about the processing time duration for converting JSV to RV after getting job offer of skilled employment?
Without NZ skilled job offer points on the EOI there is absolutely zero chance of your application being approved RV so regardless of the 20 points for your partner you are facing being separated due to the 12 month JSV for you as the principal applicant.
It does not necessarily mean that your partner can't also join you in NZ. It just means your partner cannot enter NZ on their own JSV and will be unable to live and work in NZ, however they could do the trip on say a visitor visa, or a Working Holiday Visa (if there is one for your country of origin). It is possible they could even be with you for the full 12 months depending on what visa they went for. Your partner will have to abide by other visa conditions and criteria though so in the case of a temporary visitor visa they'd have to prove they had the funds to look after themselves for the duration of their stay, they'd have to have an airline ticket out of the country to somewhere they can travel to, they must ensure they do not work or have any intention to work (not so if on a working holiday visa). It doesn't have to mean that you go on your own to NZ for 12 months, however it all depends on your circumstances, responsibilities and if you and your partner can afford to do it.

Processing time for SMRV is several months anyway - even when as in your case you aren't eligible for approval. Getting the JSV in lieu of SMRV can still take some time as Immigration are still processing through SMRV until they get to the point where you could be approved if you had a job offer. This is the point they may (and will likely) offer JSV and if you accept, the SMRV will be deferred/placed on hold until you come here and get that all important skilled job offer.
Once you have that offer you supply that evidence to Immigration, they run the employer/job/responsibilities/salary checks and you should be good to go. If you supply the correct information on the job offer it should only take a few months before SMRV approval but it could take longer depending how those employer checks go.
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