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Originally Posted by Salahmtc View Post
Dear Escapedtonz,

Thanks again for your reply.

The reason i made myself the principal applicant is the experience. I can collect more points for my experience than my wife. But both of us holding a PhD degree. My wife has PhD degree in Psychology.

We both collected 185 points.
Age 30 points
Education 70 points
Experience 65 points
Partner 20 points

We don't have work experience in NZ neither qualifying NZ study experience. I also found it very hard to get a job offer in NZ while we are overseas as all the employers required a valid NZ Visa to give you job offer. (I dont know how some people can get Job offer while they are overseas!)

When we first apply to NZ, we selected Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
they didn't mention about JSV. Indeed, they wrote This visa is for you if you want to live in New Zealand permanently and you have skills that can contribute to New Zealandís economic growth. Your application is more likely to be accepted if you have employment in an area in which New Zealand has a skills shortage.

When i sent my application they invited me to apply for Residence NOT for JSV. Nevertheless, if they want to give me JSV, they really should consider to give the same to my partner as well. if Not, why they bother me asking 1000 of questions and proves of partnership?! why they asked to do assessment for my partner qualifications?? why they asked to provide partner police reports and medical checkup??

I have lost a lot of money for this application, i never expect i will end with JSV!!

if this is the truth, it is the ugliest truth!
First of all.....why claim 185 points on the EOI ???
As long as you score 160 then submit EOI as it'll get selected from the pool automatically. Yes, if you don't have a job offer, NZ study or work experience you still won't be approved but you will save in time and money during the processing.
You don't get the visa any faster or treated any differently just because you have more points. All it means is you have more points to prove by collecting the evidence and proving it to Immigration and as you have stated that evidence can cost money, so I'd say....why claim the 20 partner points ? you don't need them and claiming them means you have to have partners qualification assessments and have to prove partnership. Your partner can still go on the application but you just don't claim any points for them so don't have to prove anything for them other than a medical and police check. They don't even have to meet the same English language level so could save you the cost of doing IELTS for them etc.
You can get a job offer in NZ while overseas and even when you don't have the right to live and work in NZ....I'm an example of that as I got two jobs within a week of each other, the only difference being I did have the visa at the time but still lived in the UK. I was still a risk for the employers. It is a difficult task but not impossible.

With regards to the visa, Immigration don't have to mention anything. You are the one applying. It is your obligation to get it right during the process. All the info is there if you research and you also have the opportunity to ask an expert by getting approved Immigration advice. If you missed the info or didn't take any advice then you only have yourself to blame.
Immigration will invite you to apply for Residence as you are applying for Skilled Migrant Resident Visa, not anything else. The fact that you have misread or missed the info that states you MUST have one of the three attributes (job offer, NZ study experience or NZ work experience) to be approved in ADDITION to at least 160 points on the EOI is your issue, not that of Immigration.
Immigration will absolutely not consider a JSV for your partner as well. That is not part of the process and not part of Immigration Law in conjunction with SMRV and does not comply with Immigration's Operations Manual.
Immigration bothered to ask you a 1000 questions because you made the claim for the points that necessitated the questions. They ask you to prove partnership because you claimed 20 points for your partner and in providing that proof you then have to have partner qualification assessment, maybe IELTS etc at your cost. It isn't Immigration's fault that you claimed those 20 points.
It is mandatory that ALL persons on an application MUST have police reports if they are old enough AND provide medicals. Immigration can't just overlook either of those as any person could be seriously unhealthy and cost the NZ health system $$$$ or have serious character flaws.
EOI submitted Jan 2010. ITA Jan 2010. ITA submitted Apr 2010. RV approved June 2011. Passports stickered and back to us Aug 2011. Secured job Dec 2011. Arrived Mar 2012. PRV Mar eligible for citizenship but at $1175 Yeah but Nah!!!
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