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Originally Posted by WestCoastCanadianGirl View Post
I think that the key to the refusal can be summed up with

What sort of proof did you show that your daughter is living with your parents? Do you have any official documents that can link her to your parents' address? I'm thinking government issued documents etc that have her name and home address on it and something with your parents' address.

What financial proof did you submit? You speak of remittances but did you send in the paperwork that you get for them? You should try to show how the monthly remittances match the ₱ amount that is deposited into the bank.

As far as ties to the Philippines goes - does she belong to any groups outside of school? I'm thinking Church or sports teams, Girl Guides etc. If she belongs to something like that, it would be useful to show her membership as a tie to Phils. Verification from her school really doesn't cut it as that can be obtained by anyone at the school regardless of whether they're a permanent resident in the Philippines or a foreign student on exchange.

If she is able to get a Pambansang Pagkakakilanlan card, that might help her application by establishing that she is settled in the Philippines.

Hi Westcoas candaian girl

I admit after reading your reply, I didnt supply enough evidence to support her applicationf. I sent all the copy of remittances to my mom bank account, but We didnt include the bank record of my Mom. Only her bank record which shows a bit of deposit. She doesnt have any group as well, just school verification. I should have research properly before attempting to get her a visit visa. I didnt also supply proof of address that their living together. I just realize, I should have produce all those kind of evidence. Thank you for your reply
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