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Default UK visit visa refused

HI everyone,

I just wanted to ask some advice on my daughters refused visa application.

She is 14yo living in the Philippines with my Mom. I am in the UK on spouse visa and the father is in the UK as well with different family(were not married). I applied her for UK visit visa last 6 Feb at VFS Manila on priority visa. She is a student and rely financially on the remittance I send every month. her visa was refused due to the reason of under paragraph 4.2 (a) and (c) of Appendix V of the UK immigration rules.

I supplied all the necessary requirements to support her, I said on the application that she is living with my Mom and school verification from her school.

this is also what it says on the refusal

" In this application, you have not demonstrated with whom you currently live with or who is presently funding your daily financial requirements. it is unclear if you are dependent on funds from the UK to support yourself. You have supplied a bank account which show some deposits.

In this application, you have shown little or no ties in the Philippines, other than school verification, As an ECO I am obliged to consider your financial circumstances and your ties to resident country. In this application, I am satisfied that you have not shown that you are settled in the Philippines."

My daughter was so upset and cried as she wanted to be with me and her little sister. She will go home in the Philippines and never think of overstaying and I would never do that as well as like me, I'm her in the UK on temporary or spouse visa and will not do something wrong to make my stay here complicated.

I don't know if Im going to re apply for visit visa and wait to apply for her settlement as I am going to sponsor her as well before she turn 18yo.

Can someone give me an advice please. Thank you
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