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Hi All,

I need help on ACS Assessment for Australian PR.

Background, I have been wanting to work overseas especially in Australia as it is the nearest to home should any emergency were to happen (I hope not). I have been spending a couple of months reading on the procedures and steps to attain the PR which is not a simple walk in the park.

Based on my research, I would need to take an english test followed by submitting my skills portfolio for ACS assessment as I'm intending to apply for visa 189.

Completed the english test on friday. My results were terrible. Despite speaking in english almost always and passed many previous english examinations, I only managed to get myself up to Proficient Speaker. Time management was something that I had a problem with during the test honestly.

As of now, I am standing with a total of 80 points however, I was told that my points may lessen after an ACS assessment.

Basically, below are some details.
1) Diploma in IT attained in Apr 2012
2) Works in an IT company as Application Consultant/Business System Analyst from May 2011 to Oct 2011 and Apr 2012 to current (2020)
3) Attained bachelor in IT on Sep 2019

With the above information,
1) How can I apply?
2) How much points will be deducted?
3) Am I eligible for the ACS assessment or it will simply be a waste of money?
4) What is my chances to attain the PR?

Many thanks in advance!
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