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Originally Posted by turtleblues View Post
Thank you for the clarification. I was under the impression that it was “per country” not per EU. If that is the case would travel to Great Britain qualify as “out of the region”?
Again, I am considerably less than authoritative on this. As to the specifics of your question, my understanding is that the rules for the UK/EU relationship will be worked out over the next year. I wouldn't bet on any outcome. I personally have been stroking my chin thinking of Tunisia.

Your best bet is obviously to get a PdS. Send me a private note and I will describe my failed attempt to do so. Don't freak out; my application was marginal at best and I did myself no favors in the process. With my limited knowledge I might be able to suggest things that might improve your chances.

p.s. I will be in Umbria vacating in mid-late-May. Let me know if you're around.
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