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Originally Posted by nlarsp View Post
Hi everyone! After lurking for a while I'm now finally making my first post on here.

We are from Argentina, and planning to move to Spain sometime this year. Currently we are planning a trip to see where exactly we would like to go. (We would first be renting for 6 months to a year before buying property).

I'm hoping people with more experience would be able to recommend some good areas that match our wishes (below), so we can start narrowing down which areas we want to look at during our 3-week trip this spring.

What we're looking for:
- A rural area within about an hour drive of a large town/city. Eventually we hope to buy a country home with space for horses and a large garden, but we still want to be near a town with amenities like a proper hospital, restaurants etc.
- LGBT friendly (we are 2 ladies, married to each other)
- Reliable internet of some sort (We're ok with going satellite if necessary)
- A green area, nature, hiking. We love mountains and forests, we're not so much beach people.
- Nice weather, We don't mind rainstorms, but we'd like to avoid areas with constant overcast and drizzle. We like our sunshine!

Some areas we've been looking at:
- Asturias
- Catalunya
- The area around Cuenca
- The mountainous area north of Madrid

We work from home and will be able to keep our current jobs, so that is no issue. We both speak fluent Spanish (Argentine dialect) and English. I am a EU citizen currently living in Argentina, so we'll get the visa stuff sorted out fairly easily as well.

Any recommendations are super welcome! Especially if you can include both the pros and the cons of your area

Thank you!
Commenting to follow the thread, I am looking for something very similar to yourselves!
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