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Hi, a slightly different variation to the aforementioned question
I currently have a UK registered Bmw, the car has a variety of different tyre sizes specified on the papers. My question is can I have two almost identical tyres fitted to the same axle? I have two Goodyear eagle nct5 tyres on one axle, both the same size. 225/55R16, however one has the weight index and speed rating 95W the other is a 95Y, would they cause a problem bearing in mind they are both suitable for well over the design speed of the cat 245km/h?
I also have another pair of Michelin Primacy HP identicle size to the first pair, however with these I have one with the speed weight rating as 95W the other is only 97V, in the Uk it would fail as the car should have at least a W rated tyre, but as I’m on a smaller island in the canaries would this be a problem? After all it’s extremely unlikely I’ll be driving on any roads at over 149 mph
Lastly does it matter that one has 2mm tread and the other is new?
Headlamps for the car were a nightmare, held up in Madrid for customs and extra tax to be paid even though vat already paid
One month later !!!!
Many thanks
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