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Wow, a lot to think about!

My story is that I was born in the UK to an English mother, Spanish father. My birth was registered at the Spanish Consulate but not until I was, hmmm 16 or so. I then was given a Spanish passport (and I was entered into the Spanish family book then, too). I still have family there etc.

Not sure what that entitles me to? I guess I'll first renew the Spanish passport and find out

Originally Posted by Joppa View Post
I am not au fait with Spanish nationality law but there is a distinction between being a dual national at birth and applying for another nationality later, such as naturalisation. Many countries allow the former but not the latter without first renouncing the existing citizenship. Also there is a distinction between having a particular nationality and applying for a passport. I would assume that in Spain if someone is a dual national because of parentage (e.g. with British father and Spanish mother), it is quite in order to apply and obtain Spanish passport provided you don't get British passport as well. UK won't care if you have any other nationality but Spain does and you must take care not to mix the two or let them know you are holding and using both. Is that the situation? Some countries like Japan allow those born with dual or multiple nationality to hold multiple citizenships until adulthood, when an election has to be made to keep Japanese and renounce all other nationalities or retain foreign citizenship and renounce Japanese nationality. In actual fact a lot of people in such situations, especially those born in US of Japanese parentage because of jus soli law in US (anyone born in US is a citizen regardless of parentage), just don't bother with renunciation and keep on holding multiple nationality and passports. There is no penalty attached so they just keep quiet about holding foreign passport when dealing with Japanese authorities.
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