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Originally Posted by kaju View Post
While Spain used to have a bilateral visa waiver agreement with Australia, I've read in an unofficial blog that this was rescinded in the 1970's.

You can do the longer stay (if you meet the country's specific conditions) in some Schengen countries, but not all:

Even then, the different countries involved can have different conditions to each other.

With regard to Spain and Australia, both the Australian Smart Traveller website and the Spanish Embassy website in Australia do not include any information about the old bilateral visa waiver (rather than the current Schengen variety) and the Aus site does list all the countries that still have that agreement - and unfortunately Spain is not there.

I doubt very much whether such an agreement would be permitted in future either - more likely, those Schengen countries with it may gradually shut that option down sometime in future, just like Spain apparently has.
Australians like i believe 60 nations do not have to seek a formal schegen visa for stays of 90 days or less. For visa waiver agreement countries including for example germany nd spain one must apply first for the Schegen visa - that is the visa that other non-EU countries must apply for. Then and only then can you stay longer than the 90 days

see here for spain

Germany requires you to leave and re-enter from a non schegen state spain does not. france has slightly different rules again

in answer to whether i am talking of a tax regime no, i am not. i appreciate this is a thread about tax but there was a query above about wanting to stay for four months and so i thought this information might be useful to that poster
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