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Originally Posted by stabishali View Post

Can someone with a similar experience or guide me here for point calculation.

I have calculated 185 points without a job offer.

below is the point justification

Age is 34 (30 points)

Done with NZQA and the assessment outcomes are

1. A bachelor's degree at Level 7 "The qualification assessed above meets the credit and knowledge requirements of a qualification listed under the occupation of Telecommunications Engineer"
2. A master's degree at Level 9 "The qualification was studied part-time. The duration above indicates the time taken to complete the program."

the bachelor's degree is in LTSSL and fulfills my 10 years Telecom experience too. while the master degree is in a different field and obtained in 2018, so Should I go with the master's degree with (70 points)? Kindly assist.

Work Experience (10 Years) this June (should apply for EOI in June or can claim 10 years now as I have 4 months to justify my experience after getting ITA. > (50 Points)
work experience in an area of the absolute skills shortage (15 points) due to bachelors degree

Spouse Qualification (Level 9) 20

Looks alright and I did claim points for my B.EngTech even though it's not related to my job.Give INZ a call if you want to be 100% sure about it!

You just need >= 160 points and can save a few hundred kiwi pesos by not claiming points for your partners qualification.
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