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Users Flag! Originally from usa. Users Flag! Expat in france.

Because we have had decades of nothing but The Three R's in schools, people haven't learned anything about citizenship. Or analytical thought. They don't know anything about government, and they ain't going to get all het up about it.

Then again, the whole Clinton fiasco really trivialized impeachment, in addition to soiling the Oval Office. The Republicans are so spineless, you wonder how they can get out of the chairs. Maybe that is why they are so lockstep -- because they don't have the vertebrae to stand on their own.

But you are right: where are the citizens demanding truth and justice? And nobody expects anything better, which really amazes me.

Or maybe it is the substances. Naw --- the people who are in the life of addiction don't have a thought for anything else and probably never did. They aren't the voters, they're the non-voters.

But, you know, it used to be we all watched the same tv shows and news, we had a shared commonality of information. Now we don't. Now people have their news tailored to their own niche, and they don't see what the other half sees.

Damned if I know.
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