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Originally Posted by rivercity View Post
Hi, We just did out ILR, I was surprised that we can submit scans, they check though the documents at your appointment you book when you submit the visa application. We had some trouble at first getting the file size down but were ok after we found their recommended settings.

They recommend scanning at 150dpi-300dpi in greyscale (we did all ours at 150dpi). They ask for pdfs but pngs and jpgs are ok to. We put our multipage documents together as a pdf, passports etc and any single page documents as jpgs. Each file has to be under 6mb.

Good luck with your application
Thank you rivercity for your feedback and good wishes on my ILR application and congratulations to you for finishing yours with success. !!!
Just about to start doing mine and already super stressed out and worried.

If I'm perfectly honest, I don't even know what a pdf is? I have heard of a jpg and know it is a picture. I have no idea how to combine documents into a pdf. I can copy the pages of my passport but don't know how to make the picture smaller or how I can combine all the pages within my passport into a file. If I could just copy each page of the passport and bundle those pages together as a group of single pages I would be fine.

I am also not sure how to adjust the size of a page when I do scan it. I know how to press print/scan button and what comes out is what I get. Usually the size of the regular sheet of paper that is loaded in the printer tray.

This is such an important application and I am wanting to do everything properly, so praying that when I go to my appointment with all my needed documents, the people who do scanning do everything correctly for me, as I will be relying upon them.
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