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Originally Posted by Sean2008 View Post
They'll provide details before the end of this month when the Migration Advisory Committee publishes its report.

Meanwhile, here's what the 2019 Conservative Manifesto says:

We will prioritise people who:
  • Have a good grasp of English
  • Have been law-abiding citizens in their own countries
  • Have good education and qualifications
Most people coming into the country will need a clear job offer.

Thanks a lot for detailed reply.

When Priti Patel said that she will bring Australian points based system, I reckon it is easier said than done. Australian point based system has Qualification and Work experience assessment through various agencies depending upon applicants field. Would it be same case in UK as well?

Australian PBS is lengthy and tad complicated. I can stand be corrected here.

You mentioned 'Most people' need job offer, does it mean not all need job offer? I guess the fields which has dire shortage of Skilled Applicants will be exempted from this criteria? Like skilled and specialist doctors and nurses etc?

I worked in UK for 5 years and now I am in India. Hope they will give extra points for on-shore experience.

I request senior forum members to please contribute to this thread, this will be very helpful for other members here.

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