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Default Good Character - Citizenship

Hello, everyone.

I am finishing up my application online for citizenship and have come to the part of Good Character. I do not have a criminal history of any kind, nor do I have any associations with terrorism or anything even remotely close to it. I have never filed bankruptcy and I pay my bills every month. However, I did get a speeding ticket once when I was younger, although I truly can't remember the details (must be over 20 years ago now). Do I need to list a speeding ticket from the US, even though it was minor and I think I even challenged it and it was dismissed (no points were taken off my license)? I can't remember the exact date, so what do I do? If I don't list it at all, does that mean I am of bad character for not mentioning it? In the US, if your case is dismissed, it cannot be held against you for anything (you are not found guilty of anything).

I was reading in another part of this forum last year that someone had a dismissed charge (he was falsely charged for something that he never did and then court dismissed his case entirely because they agreed he was falsely charged) and he decided not put that on his citizenship application and it was approved. Would this be the same for dismissed traffic tickets? Or was he just taking a risk to not mention his dismissed case?

I have been reading about this subject everywhere I can and I just want to do the right thing. I am fairly certain they are trying to weed out terrorists and people involved in crime -- not going after folks with silly dismissed traffic tickets. But I also don't want anyone to think I am trying to hide something. I am not -- I just don't understand if it is significant enough to mention.

What should I do?
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