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Default FLR (M) application help

Hi, hoping you can help.

Husband is here on a 5 year route spouse visa. We are going to be applying for an extension following his 2.5 years in UK. He arrived in UK on 14 Dec 2017 and his current visa expires 23 August 2020.

Just wanted to ensure we fill in the online form answers correctly:

What type of residence permit or visa do you have?
I have written 'Spouse/Partner - leave to enter ' does this sound ok?

What is the start date of your current visa or leave to remain?
Brp issue date is 16 Nov 2017 but passport visa vingrette page shows valid from 23 Nov 2017. Which date do we use?

What type of visa, leave to enter or remain or other permission do you have to be in the UK?
Do I choose Family or Settlement from the options? I thought it would be family as it's not yet an ILR set m application? It also states family route as the heading on the application form.

Also, initially on guidelines it mentioned the earliest you can apply is 28 days before your visa expires but on this forum I understand you can apply 28 days from your 30 month anniversary of being in UK. Therefore 14 June 2020 would be 30 months for us as he arrived 14 Dec 2017.
Is there any legislation or guidance from the home office/gov that confirms this as I can't find anything in the appendix notes?

Also he has been out the the UK on holidays since arriving here for about 40 days in total, does the 28 days from 30 month anniversary still apply?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post and if the answers have already been covered in the forums. Any help would be appreciated .
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