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Default Few questions for FLRM extension application


Just started the extension visa application for unmarried partner visa. I will be applying 28 days before the 30th months anniversary and 27 days after my last payslip issued, so hope it all goes well!

1. Time lived in the UK: I was living here for 2 years with YMS visa and switched it to the first FLR 2.5 years (stayed in the UK in the meantime, didn't go out of the country), should I write 4.5 years or just 2.5 years since I started FLRM visa? I did write 4.5 but just to make sure.

1-1. Details of time spent outside the UK: Do I need to write all of the outside the UK trips 4.5 years or just in the 2.5 years since the other 2 years was covered in the last FLRM application?

2. What type of visa, leave to enter or remain or other permission do you have to be in the UK? Visit Work Study Family EEA residence permit or card Settlement Other -> 'Family' is the right answer?

3. Introduction letter needed? Both sponsor and the applicant wrote it for the first FLRM, explaining how we met etc and ensuring we are genuine loving relationship etc. Or is it not necessary this time?

4. A P60 for the relevant period(s) of employment relied upon -> I don't think I need to provide this for 07.19-12.19 period as the last P60 won't cover this period (I think the new one issues after this April)?

5. I got a payrise in October, however I did choose same amount in the same company above 18600 so I only need to provide 6 months. is this ok or should I do different amount above 18600 and provide 12 months?

5-1. Shall I put my salary as the payrise amount or the one before? For example, if I was on 20k and now 25k, do I need to put 25k in the application or 20k?

Thanks in advance!
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